Microscope, Magnifier & Visual Inspection

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PCE - Inspection Camera (PCE-VE 800N4)

PCE - Rigid Industrial Borescope (PCE RS-40)

(PT-L01A-DC / PT-L01A-AC / PT-L01A-UV) Portable LED Stroboscope (AC or DC) - Printing Machine

PN-01C/PN-01D Digital Xenon Stroboscope (AC Powered) - Printing Industry Line

PN-03C/PN-03E Portable Rechargeable Digital Xenon Stroboscope

RECON PRO - Articulating Video Borescope

ENDOSCOPE - 3.5 inch LCD Display Articulating Borescope

VISOPTIC - Digital Microscope ADSM301

MITUTOYO - Toolmakers Measuring Microscope (TM-505B)

DINO-LITE Edge - Digital Microscope (AM4115-ZT)

DINO-LITE - AM4113T Premier Digital Microscope

VISOPTIC - Stereo Microscope with Flexi Arm TNZ740-FA

VISOPTIC C 2D Stereo Microscope TZ5620

VISOPTIC - T Stereo Microscope TNZ2030

VISOPTIC - Stereo Microscope TNZ740

HT 660 Portable Video Borescope / Endoscope

PROS KIT - LED Desk Type Magnifier Lamp (MA-1006A , MA-1006F)

RANKCONN - LC Series - White Glass, Clamp Type LED Magnifier Lamp

DINO LITE - Gooseneck Rack RK-02

DINO LITE - Digital Microscope (AM2111)

DINO LITE - Handheld Digital Microscope (AM73115MTF)

DINO-LITE C Digital Microscope AM73915MZTL

PEAK C Light Lupe 30X

PEAK C Pocket Measuring Microscope 2050, 2056

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