Laboratory Equipments

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EPPENDORF - Top Buret™ M, 25 mL

ZX Instruments - Thermal Blast Drying Oven

MEMMERT - Universal Oven UF110

Super Constant Temperature Water Bath

Tokyo Screen 每 Test Sieves JIS 8801


HORIBA 每 LAQUA TWIN 每 Pocket Conductivity Meter (EC11, EC22, EC33, Salt (NaCI))

HORIBA 每 LAQUA TWIN 每 Pocket pH Meter (PH 11, PH 22, PH33)

HORIBA 每 Multi-Parameter Meters pH/ORP/DO/Temperature (PD120, PD220)

HORIBA 每 Dissolved Oxygen Meter (DO210, DO220)

HORIBA 每 Conductivity Meter (EC210, EC220)

HORIBA 每 pH Meter (PH210, PH220)

HORIBA 每 Multiparameter Meters - Dual Channel pH/ORP/ EC/TDS/Res/Sal/Temp (PC 110, PD 110)

HORIBA 每 LAQUA Act - Dissolved Oxygen Meter (DO 110, DO 120)

HORIBA 每 LAQUA Act - EC/TDS/Res/Temp Meter (EC 110, EC 120)

HORIBA 每 LAQUA Act - pH/ORP/Temperature (PH 110, 120, 130)

Manifolds Vacuum Filtration (With Collection Bottle)

Manifolds Vacuum Filtration

Three-Dimensional Rotating Mixer

ZX - Gyratory Rocker

3D Gyratory Rocker

Electrothermal Vertical Autoclave Sterilizer (Automatic Internal Circulation Type)

Electrothermal Vertical Autoclave Sterilizer (LCD Automatic Type)

Portable Autoclave Sterilizer

25 - 48 of 88

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