Crowcon - Ozone Sensor (O3 3E 1)

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Crowcon - Ozone Sensor (O3 3E 1) Gas Measurement

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Crowcon - Ozone Sensor
Model: Sensoric O3 3E 1

  • Amperometric 3 electrode sensor cell
  • Long life time
  • High reliability
  • High resolution
  • Fast response time
  • Fixed organic gel electrolyte
Typical Applications:

  • Environmental monitoring
  • Indoor Air Quality, water treatment plants
Part Number Information:

  • MINI 1531-031-30009
  • SENSORIC CLASSIC 1531-031-30069
  • CTL 4 series adaptation 1531-031-30049
  • CTL 7 series adaptation 1531-031-30079
Technical Specification:
Measuring Range                    0–1 ppm
Sensitivity Range                    1000 - 2000 nA/ppm (negative signal)
Zero Current at 20°C              < ± 20 nA
Resolution at 20°C                  < 0.02 ppm
Bias Potential                          0 mV
Linearity                                  < 10% full scale
Response Time at 20°C
                       t50                   < 15 s calculated from 3 min. exposure time1)
                       t90                   < 60 s calculated from 3 min. exposure time1)
Long Term Sensitivity Drift     < 10% per 6 months 2)
Operation Conditions
Temperature Range               -20°C to +40°C
Humidity Range                     15–90% r.H., non–condensing
Effect of Humidity                  abrupt changes will cause a short term drift
Sensor Life Expectancy         > 18 months
Warranty                                 12 months

  1. At approx. 30 ccm/ min. (tolerance range to t90 : 30 to 60 sec.; depend on air velocity; minimum gas flow 5 l/h)
  2. At 20°C and 30-50% r.H.; Sensitivity might increase over life time depending on application; high air flow conditions might affect life time.
Sensoric deems the data contained herein as factual, and the opinions expressed are those of qualified experts based on the results of tests conducted.
The above data cannot be used as a warranty provision or representation for which Sensoric assumes legal responsibility. The data are offered solely for consideration, investigation and verification. Any use of this information is subject to federal, state and local laws and regulations.

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