ZL - QUV UV Aging Testing Machine 6008A

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ZL - QUV UV Aging Testing Machine 6008A Enviromental & Weather Testing

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ZL - QUV UV Aging Testing Machine 6008A
Brand: ZL
Model: 6008A
Origin: China

Equipment Summary:
QUV UV aging testing machine can simulate the sun, rain and dew to damage the material, QUV using UV lamp simulate the effect of sunlight, cold rain and dew. Being tested materials are placed in a certain environment which the light and moisture are alternating. The materials are tested for several days or weeks, you can know the damage of material at outside for several months or several years, Damage types include: bleaching, discoloration, loss of light, powder, crack, turbidity, bubble-based, embrittlement, strength decline and oxidation.
Main Functions:
UV QUV test machine, the UV lamp can simulate the effect of the sun, condensation and water spray system can simulate the effect of rain and dew. The temperature can be controlled at the process of testing. A typical test cycle is usually testing at UV radiation of high temperature and the 100% humidity at dark; typically used in paint and coatings, automotive, plastic products, wood products, glue, etc.
Corresponding Standard:
 Accord with ASTMG53-77, GB©pGJB©pMIL©pASTM©pCNS©pIEC©pJIS©pAATCC©pDIN©pFed Test©pBS©pSAE, ASTM D4355
Applicable Industries:
It is widely used in paint, resins, plastics, printing and packaging, aluminum, adhesives, auto, cosmetics, metals, electronics, electroplating, medicine, etc.
Technical Parameter:

Model ZL-6008 QUV UV aging testing machine
Bulb number UV Lamp 8,spare lamp :4
Recorder Option
Radiometer Option
UV temperature From 50 ¡æ to 75 ¡æ
Testing capacity 48 piece(75 x 150m m )
50 piece( 75 x 150m m )
Water and consumption Distilled water, 8 liters / day
Volume 137 x 53 x 136cm (W x D x H)

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