SIMCO 每 Work Surface Tester ST-4

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SIMCO 每 Work Surface Tester ST-4 Electrostatics Testing

SIMCO – Work Surface Tester ST-4
Brand: SIMCO
Model: ST-4
  • This device makes measuring surface resistance very simple
  • The device's portability makes it easy to carry anywhere on-site.
  • Built-in auto off-timer
  • The device comes with a rechargeable battery.
  • Designed to measure the resistance of various materials and products from 103 to 1013 measurement range.
  • Ideal for the conductive mat, conductive floor, conductive bag, anti-static products, etc.
  • Comply with weight-contact area measuring method (optional)
Surface Resistivity 103 ~ 1013 (Ω/sq. or Ω)
K Standard Mode (Ohm per square, Surface Resistivity)
L Mat surface – Mat resistance measurement Mode (Ohms, Resistivity to Ground) (w/      cable)
M IEC Standard measurement Mode follow the IEC standard probe (surface + weight)
LCD Display Exponent display (one digit beyond the decimal point)
Remaining measurement time by bar-graph indicator
Remaining battery life
LED Display
    Green LED indicator: Standard Mode (Ohm per square, Surface Resistivity)
    Red LED indicator: Mat-Ground resistance measurement Mode
    (Ohms, Resistivity to Ground) and IEC standard measurement Mode
L Measurement voltage (10V, 100V)
   Red LED indicator: in process of charging
Measurement Time 10sec, 30sec, 60sec
Range Can be set up the max and min of measurement value (by 0.5 exponent)
Accuracy ±0.5 decade (ex.108.5 ±0.5)
Measurement voltage Automatically adjust/ chamge
K Cube of 3 to 6: 10V, 10mA MAX
L Cube of 6 to 13: 100V, 1mA MAX
Source Inside battery
External outlet
K External probe connector
L AC adaptor connector (battery charging USB mini type)
Measurement are 50mm (probe length) x 50mm (probe distance)(in measurement)
Probe material Special conductive rubber (volume resistivity 0.02 Ω.cm max.)
Environment 15 ~ 25, under 60%R.H.
Dimension 114(W) X 78(D) X 69(H) max.(mm)
Case Stainless Steel
Weight Body 700g

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