Izod & Charpy Rubber Impact Test Equipment Flow Rate Testing

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Izod & Charpy Rubber Impact Test Equipment Flow Rate Testing Rubber Testing

Izod & Charpy Rubber Impact Test Equipment Flow Rate Testing
Model: XJU-5.5
This kind of digital charpy impact tester is mainly used to measure the impact toughness of rigid plastic, reinforced nylon, fiberglass, ceramics, cast stone, insulation materials and other non-metallic materials. It is the ideal testing equipment in the chemical industry, scientific research institutes, universities and quality testing departments.
Product Characteristic:

  • High-precision intelligent controller equipped with LCD display which you can read the data intuitively and accurately;
  • China‘s first carbon fiber lever (It has been patented); it succeeds in doing experiments without shaking involving the impact direction, improving the rigidity of materials, and concentrating impacting strength on the centroid of the pendulum, and using life increases.
  • Imported high-resolution digital encoders, higher and more stable angle measurement accuracy;
  • Aerodynamic impact hammer and imported ball bearings greatly reduce mechanical friction losses
  • Automatic calculation of the final result, 12 sets of the test data can be stored and averaged;
  • Optional interface of Chinese and English; units (J / m, KJ / m2, kg-cm / cm, ft-ib / in) can be customized according to customers’ requirements.
  • Built-in mini printer to print the test data
Technical Specifications:

Display mode : Colour touch screen (Chinese and English)
Angle sensor brand and precision : Imported Omron encoder with accuracy of 0.01°
Energy display accuracy : 0.01J
Impact speed : 3.5m/s
Pendulum energy : (5.5D) 2.75J, 5.5J
Pendulum lift angle : 150°
Pendulum center to impact blade distance : 335mm
Impact knife edge to the jaw plane distance : 22mm
Blade radius : R=0.8±0.2mm
Machine weight : 85kg
Power supply : AC220V±10% 50HZ

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