MET ONE - Handheld Airborne Particle Counter

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MET ONE - Handheld Airborne Particle Counter Enviromental & Weather Testing

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MET ONE - Handheld Airborne Particle Counter
Brand: Met One
Model: HHPC 3+

* The MET ONE HHPC 3+ (0.3µm) is a lower cost three channel instrument that is designed for contamination senitive industrial environments. For example, aerospace or cleanroom optical component assemble where routine monitoring is conducted at 0.5 µm and 5 µm per ISO 14644 but where 0.3 µm sensitivity is desired for HEPA filtered workstation spot checks.


Accessories Power supply, Universal 110-240V
Zero count inlet-filter and zero count filter adaptor
6’ USB cable
Carry case
Alarm User selectable particle size channels and limits
Battery Life With typical use model. Minimum 5.5 hours continuous sampling.
Charging time3.5 hours.
Communication Access particle counting data direct to PC via Ethernet and USB cable,
or use USB memory stick. No device drivers or software required.
Concentration 4,000,000 counts/ ft@ 10% coincedence loss
Counting Efficiency 50% @ 0.3 µm; 100% for particles greater than 0.45 µm (per ISO 21501)
Data Storage records for the most demanding applications.
Dimensions (H x W x D) 272 mm x 99 mm x 53 mm
Display Size: Large 3.5 '' high resolution 320 x 240 colour for super clear viewing with intuitive icons for easy navigation.
Configuration User selectable size channels with super-large font options.
Data Modes Traditional tabular particle counts or trend graph for easy particle profiling.
Enclosure Construction High impact polycarbonate ABS for exceptional durability
Flow Rate 2.83 lpm. Take ISO 14644-1 class 5 compliant 0.3 µm samples in a minute
Number of Channels Channel 1 fixed 0.3µm.
Up to 2 additional size channels:
0.5µm, 1.0µm, 2.0µm, 5.0µm, 10.0µm.
Operating Temperature Range 10 - 40 °C 95% non condensing relative humidity
Particle Size 0.3 µm - 10.0 µm in size channels per ISO 14644-1 (FS 209E) industry standard
Password Protection Administrator password controlled (optional).
Storage conditions -40 °C to 50 °C 95% non condensing relative humidity
Weight Ultra-lightweight at 0.7 kg for comfortable handheld use.

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