PROSTAT - PRS-801 Resistance System Set

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PROSTAT - PRS-801 Resistance System Set Electrostatics (ESD) , Ionizer & Resistivity Meter

PROSTAT - PRS-801 Resistance System Set
Model : PRS-801

The Prostat PRS-801 is a unique, constant voltage, wide range ohmmeter with data logging, calculating and computer communication capabilities. Fully portable and battery operated, the PRS-801 measures resistance from <0.1 to 2.0x10¹⁴ ohms with measurement accuracy of ±5%. It can be operated in Automatic, Automatic-Manual and Manual modes.
Type Description
Range:  Resistance from <0.1 (1.0E-1) Ohms to 200 Tera ohms (2.0E+14 ohms). Maximum 
Resistivity with S11.11 concentric ring 2.0E+15 ohms/square
Test Voltages: Automatic mode Default:     
<0.01 to 10 volts Variable 1.0E-1 to 1.0E+4 Ohms
Constant Voltage                     
10 volts ± <0.2 volts 1.0E+4 to 1.0E+6 Ohms
At 10 & 100 Volts                    
100 volts ± <2.0 volts 1.0E+6 to 2.0E+14 Ohms
Manual Mode:                    
<0.01 to 10 volts Variable 1.0E-1 to 1.0E+5 Ohms
10 volts ± <0.2 volts 1.0E+3 to 1.0E+9 Ohms
100 volts ± <2.0 volts 2.0E+5 to 2.0E+14 Ohms
Normal  Overall: +_ <5% at ambient conditions (at 23°C and 30% Rh).
Accuracy: Approximate Range Tolerances:
1.00E-1 to 1.00E+2Ω: ±5%
1.01E+2 to 9.99E+9Ω: ±2%
1.00E+10 to 9.99E+11: ±5%
1.00E+12 to 9.99E+12: ±12%
1.00E+13 to 2.00E+14Ω: ±25% with grounded, shielded leads
Display: Mul -function 2-5/8” x 1-5/8” Liquid Crystal Display with 0.5” digit height.  Displays 3-1/2 digits in Ohms, or 1.0EXX in exponential format. Ohms Display indicators: Ω, KΩ, MΩ, GΩ and TΩ.  Includes 19-segment analog scale (1-10 with 0.5 indica on) with x1, x10, & x100 multipliers. Number of Data Points in Memory (0 – 80). Automatic Electrification Time (seconds), or Time required to Manually obtain steady state measurement. Displays data HOLD, BATTERY status, MIN, MAX, AVG, REC and Test Voltage (<10, 10, or 100 V)
LED Indicators: 14 Color Programmable LED’s from <103 to >1014 ohms.  Colors (RED, GREEN, YELLOW/ORANGE, or Blank/OFF) may be programmed in SETUP mode.
Timer Memory: Times measurements In Seconds up to 99 seconds (Displayed on LCD) Register stores up to 80 data points (MEM # Displayed a er RESET)
RS-232 Output: Digital format: Exponential Power followed by Integer.
Electrification: Average Measurement Period from 0.1 ohms to 1.0E12 Ohms 2.5 Seconds.
Calculated Electrification Period per ESD S11.11, 7.5 second 0.1 ohms to 10E+12 Ohms
Programmed Electrification >1.0E+12 Ohms: 15.0+ seconds
Power: Two 9-VDC alkaline batteries. Nominal battery life 25 hours in AUTOMATIC mode, approximately 40 hours in AUTOMATIC/MANUAL mode.
Dimensions: 4.0” wide x 6.0” long x 2.0” deep
Weight: 22 ounces, with batteries
Open Circuit Current (I): <4ma @ 100 Volts
Usage: Designed for Intermittent use. Not intended for continuous use or product on applications

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