PROSTAT - PRF-922B Miniature Two-Point Probe Set

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PROSTAT - PRF-922B Miniature Two-Point Probe Set Electrostatics (ESD) , Ionizer & Resistivity Meter PROSTAT - PRF-922B Miniature Two-Point Probe Set Electrostatics (ESD) , Ionizer & Resistivity Meter PROSTAT - PRF-922B Miniature Two-Point Probe Set Electrostatics (ESD) , Ionizer & Resistivity Meter

Setting up the PRS-922B Two-Point Probe with the PRS-801 or PRS-812
PROSTAT - PRF-922B Miniature Two-Point Probe
Brand: Prostat
Model: PRF-922B


Product Features:

  • Measures Point-to-Point Surface Resistance from 0.9Ω to 1.0x1012Ω
  • Spacing Allows for Measurement Area of 0.32 inches (8.13mm)
  • Black Anodized Insulated Metal Probe
  • Gold Plated Spring Loaded Contact Pins
  • Removable Conductive Rubber Boots Included
  • Certificate of Calibration Traceable to NIST included
Product Overview:

Measure the Surface Resistance of Small Areas per ANSI/ESD STM11.13
The PRF-922B Miniature Two Point probe accurately measures point-to-point resistance of small areas up to 1.0x1012 ohms. Use the PRF-922B to measure small material samples, hard to access molded areas, edges of parts, tray or tape cells and other very small objects and surfaces.
The spacing of the 2 electrodes allows for measurement area of 0.32 inches (8.13mm). When used with the supplied conductive rubber boots, it provides point-to-point resistance measurements in accordance with ANSI/ESD STM11.13.
Enhance Contact Resistance with the Included Conductive Rubber Boots
The PRF-922B is supplied with replaceable conductive electrode covers to enhance contact resistance on irregular surfaces and composition materials. Thus, measurements may be made with either the gold plated electrode contacts, or via conductive rubber covers. The rubber boots resistance is less than 2 ohms, minimizing contact resistance and providing accurate measurements.
Additional rubber boots can be ordered using the part number PRF-MR10.
Easy and fast Connection to any of Prostat's Resistance Meters
The miniature 2-Point Resistance Probe is supplied with a single 5 foot shielded cable consisting of a 4mm BNC connector on one end, and a standard jack connection on the other for easy connection to any of the Prostat resistance meters.
Spring Loaded Gold Plated Pins
The PRF-922B Mini Point-to-Point Probe is designed with 2 spring loaded, gold plated electrodes. The built-in distance stops provide consistent electrode to sample pressure for developing repeatable measurements.
Convert it into a 1-Point Probe
By removing the non-conducting pin from the PRF-922B, you can convert the fixture into a single point probe for convenient 1-point resistance measurements.
Technical Specifications:

General Specifications

Measuring Range 0.90 Ω to 1.00 x 1012 Ω
Contact Size Electronic quality gold plated contact probes: 0.1” (2.54 mm) diameter
Conductive synthetic rubber contact boots: 0.125” (3.18 mm) diameter
Probes center-to-center spacing: 0.250” (6.35 mm)
Minimum Sample 0.32” (8.2 mm) diameter
Probe Spring Force/Test 1.5 lb (0.68 kg)
Probe Travel 0.25” (6.4 mm) Self-limited
Connection BNC with outer source and inner sense connections
Power Fixture powered by resistance instruments
Dielectric Material Black Delrin
Finish Black anodized
Color Black
Length 6.75 inches (171 mm) without probe covers
8.25 inches (210 mm) with probe covers
Probe Diameter 0.49 inches (12.45 mm)
Probe Cover Diameter 0.60 inches (15.25 mm)
Weight 2.0 oz (58g)
Warranty 1 Year Limited Warranty

What’s Included in this Package:
  • PRF-922B Miniature Two-Point Probe
  • PRF-900L Connection Cable
  • PRF-900C Micro Probe Cap
  • 2 each Conductive Rubber Boots
  • 1 each Spare Outer Contact Pin

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