JNG- Single Column Electric Universal Testing Machine (JG-500N)

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JNG- Single Column Electric Universal Testing Machine (JG-500N) Tensile & Torque/Force

JNG - Single Column Electric Universal Testing Machine
Brand: JNG
Model: JG-500N

Product Description:
  • The testing machine uses a stepping DC motor as a power source; it adopts advanced chip integration technology, a professionally designed PCI data acquisition amplification of test force, deformation and A/D conversion process have realized full digital adjustment.
  • This machine can test and analyze the mechanical properties of various metals, nonmetals and composite materials, and is widely used in aerospace, petrochemical, machinery manufacturing, wires, cables, textiles, fibers, plastics, rubber, ceramics, food and medicine.
  • For packaging, aluminum-plastic pipes, plastic doors and windows, geotextiles, films, wood, paper, metal materials and manufacturing, the maximum test force value, breaking force value and yield can be automatically obtained according to GB, JIS, ASTM, DIN, ISO and other standards test data such as strength, upper and lower yield strength, tensile strength, compression strength, elongation at break, tensile modulus of elasticity, and flexural modulus of elasticity.
Model JG-500N
Maximum test force 500N
Test force display range 0 – 500N
Effective measuring range of test force 0.2% - 100% of full scale
Test force measurement accuracy Better than ±1% of the indicated value
Displacement speed control range 0.01mm/min – 500mm/min,
stepless speed regulation, speed can be set arbitrarily
Displacement resolution 0.01mm
Displacement speed control accuracy Better than ±1%
Accuracy of displacement measurement Better than ±1%
Stretching stroke 0 – 800mm
Software and user interface Software and interactive man-machine dialogue operation interface under WINDOWS operating environment
Power 220V, 50Hz

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