TIME - Metallurgical Microscope (30MW)

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TIME - Metallurgical Microscope (30MW) Metallography

TIME - Metallurgical Microscope 30MW

Brand: TIME

Product Features: 

  • Time-30MW is a trinocular inverted etallurgical microscope with computer, which can provide superior image quality and stable performance. The machine is easy to operate and has complete accessories. It is widely used for metallographic analysis and material testing in a variety of industries.
  • Gemel trinocular, adjustable diopter, 45° inclined, with a digital camera port to shoot photo or video. Capture and save observation images. Image analysis can be realized on the computer through the metallographic analysis software.
  • Low hand position coaxial coarse and fine focusing mechanism with tension control and fast focusing random limit device. Coarse adjustment stroke per rotation: 38mm, fine adjustment accuracy: 0.02mm
  • The coaxial low-hand position adjustment moving ruler and the stage extension board can be installed to expand the application space and meet the needs of customers with different requirements.
Technical Specifications:

Optical system Infinity color corrected optical system
Observation tube Gemel trinocular, 45° inclined, interpupillary distance adjustment: 54-75 mm, diopter adjustment ±5 , refract rate : binocular 100%, binocular : trinocular = 80% : 20%
Eyepiece High eyepoint wide field plan eyepiece PL10X22mm
Objectives LMPL5X /0.15 WD10.8mm ; LMPL10X/0.3  WD10mm ; LMPL20X/0.45  WD4mm : LMPL50X/0.55  WD7.8mm
Nosepiece Five-position nosepiece
Focusing Coaxial coarse and fine focusing mechanism, coarse range of 38mm per rotation, fine adjustment of 0.2 mm per rotation, adjustment accuracy : 0.002mm, with coarse tension adjustment device
Metal plate (center hole Φ12 mm); Mechanical moving ruler, moving range: 120(X)*78(Y)mm;
Stage extension board
Reflective illumination system
Reflection Koehler illuminator, with iris diaphragm and center adjustable filed diaphragm, wide voltage 90-240V,
12V/50W halogen bulb, center adjustable, light intensity continuously adjustable
Polarizing kit Analyzer: 360 °rotating; both the polarizer and the analyzer can move out of the light path
Color filters Green color filter, blue color filter (Φ32mm)
Metallographic Analysis Software
FMIA2020 Metallographic analysis software; Sony chip 5 million camera device, 0.5X adapter lens interface,
high-precision micrometer

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