TIME - Ultrasonic Thickness Gauge (2170)

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TIME - Ultrasonic Thickness Gauge (2170) Ultrasonic NDT Testing

TIME - Ultrasonic Thickness Gauge (2170)

Brand: TIME 
Model: TIME®2170

Product Description:

A reliable and adaptable thickness testing tool is the 2170 digital ultrasonic thickness metre. On the one hand, it has a minimum steel thickness measurement capability of 0.15 mm for extremely thin items. However, it provides extremely precise measurements with a resolution of up to 0.001mm. The 2170 portable thickness gauge is made to test the thickness of various kinds of plates, pipes, and boiler vessels as well as their resistance to corrosion. It is widely used in the metallurgy, shipbuilding, machinery, chemical, petroleum, aerospace, aviation, electric power, nuclear energy, oil and gas pipelines, boiler inspection, pressure vessels, and other related industries and is crucial to the management of equipment modernization and safety.

Product Features:
  • Especially suitable for testing the thin workpieces while keeping high accuracy
  • I-E testing mode and E-E testing mode
  • Sound velocity testing and single point calibration
  • Sound alarm and different modes are available
  • Free conversion between metric and imperial
  • Up to 500 data can be stored, reviewed and deleted
  • Backlight and adjustable contrast
  • Result can be print out and transfer to PC
Technical Specification:

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