TORCH - Manual Stencil Printer (T4030)

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TORCH - Manual Stencil Printer (T4030)

Brand: Torch
Model: T4030

Product Descriptions: 

The T4030 is a manual screen printing machine that is capable of printing a maximum size of 300 x 400 mm and is specifically applied to silk screen and steel mesh. I addition, this machine weighs 12.6 kg and is constructed with 700 mm x 600 mm x 350 mm dimension.
The rapid development of the electronics industry, the integration and the rise of emerging chips make the accuracy of the printer a great challenge. This is especially true for small Manual printer, which among the other things, may have the following problems:
  1. The countertop can support any high-precision pressure.
  2. The manual speed, attack angle and pressure can not properly be controlled.
  3. The continuity of printing is a problem. 
The manual SMD screen printers T4030 eliminates the above problems. The T4030 in China patent pending, similar functions such as automatic screen printer has, however at a lower cost. The T4030 reduced production costs and improved performance on the other hand.

T4030 is a manual high precision screen printer, without electrical components and without the need for compressed air. X, Y, Z axes and the blade angle can be adjusted. A match between PCB and screen or stencil reached via the setting of the axes.

Product Features: 

  •  Screw vertical: height adjustment of the stencil frame
  • Print stencil holder: holds the print template
  • Base plate: Workspace
  • Locking block: longitudinal fixation of the Board
  • Board fixation support: holds the Board in width
  • Support bolts: bolts to support the Board
  • Base plate with mounting holes: holes for inserting the support bolt
  • PCB holder: fixing of the Board on both sides
  • Fixing screws of the Platinenhalters: setting of the Platinenhalters
  • Locking screw for printing stencils: adaptation to the height of the print frame
  • Knurled screw horizontal: adjustment of the pressure measures in length 
  • Fine adjustment of parallelism: setting of the pressure frame width
  • Knurled screw vertical: the vertical direction fixed
  • Knurled screw vertical: the level of fixed


  1. Screw vertical
  2. Printing templates support
  3. Aluminium base plate
  4. Locking block
  5. Board fixation support
  6. Support bolt
  7. Insertion holes for support bolt
  8. PCB holder
  9. Fixing screws of the Platinenhalters
  10. Locking screw for printing stencils
  11. Knurled screw horizontal
  12. Fine adjustment of parallelism
  13. Knurled screw vertical
  14. Knurled screw vertical
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