NAGANO KEIKI - Bimetal Thermometer (TB.RB)

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NAGANO KEIKI - Bimetal Thermometer (TB.RB) Temperature, Humidity & Moisture

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NAGANO KEIKI - Bimetal Thermometer (TB.RB)

Brand: Nagano Keiki
Model: TB Series

Product Descriptions:

Bimetal thermometers use two metals with different temperature expansion coefficients wound in a helical shape and indicate the temperature by transmitting the deflection of the metal by temperature change to a pointer.

Product Features:
  • Error due to ambient temperature is smaller than that of the filled type.
  • Since there is no filled liquid, it is safe (No pollution)
  • Simple design and reasonable price.
*When selecting a thermometer, select one which is normally used within a temperature range of 75% or less. Check to confirm that the material of the wetted parts is appropriate for the gas or liquid to be measured.

Technical Specifications:

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