ELCOMETER - Digital Surface Profile Gauge (E224C-BI1)

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ELCOMETER - Digital Surface Profile Gauge (E224C-BI1) Color & Paint Coating Measurement

ELCOMETER - Digital Surface Profile Gauge (E224C-BI1)

Brand: Elcometer
Model E224C-BI1

Product Descriptions:

The Elcometer 224 Digital Surface Profile Gauge provides the very latest in surface profile measuring technology for measuring profile on either flat or curved surfaces. The Elcometer 224 surface profile meter is available in two different models: Model B and Model T. Each surface profile meter provides the user with increasing functionality - from the entry level Elcometer 224 Model B Surface Profile Gauge, to the top of the range Elcometer 224 Model T Surface Profile Gauge, with memory, alpha-numeric batching and Bluetooth
® communication. Standard and armoured probes are available for the separate models, providing even greater measurement flexibility. Elcometer surface profile probes are supplied with a glass zero plate, calibration test foils (nominal values 125µm (5.0 mils) & 500µm (20 mils) and an Elcometer Test Certificate.

Product Features:
  • Up to 25 readings per minute to the convex probe
  • Applicable Patents: GB2505193, US9261345
  • The Elcometer 224 is supplied with a 1 year-warranty against manufacturing defects. The warranty can be extended free of charge to 2-years within 60 days of purchase via www.elcometer.com. Elcometer 224 probes are covered by a 1 year warranty.
  • Internet connection required
  • Up to the last 5 readings can be deleted (Model B)
  • Repeatable & reproducible measurements
  • Easy to use menu structure; in 30+ language
  • Tough, impact, waterproof & dust-resistant; equivalent to IP64
  • Bright colour screen; with permanent backlight
  • Scratch and solvent resistant display; 2.4'' (6cm) TFT
  • Large positive feedback buttons
  • Flat & convex surfaces
  • USB power supply; via PC
  • Test Certificate
  • Automatic rotating display; 0°, 90°, 180° & 270°
  • Ambient light sensor; with adjustable auto brightness
  • Emergency light mode
  • Gauge software updates, via ElcoMaster® software
  • Replaceable screen protectors
  • Protective case
  • Delete last reading 

Technical Specifications:

Display Information 2.4” (6 cm) QVGA colour TFT display, 320 x 240 pixels
Battery Type 2 x AA batteries, rechargeable batteries can also be used
Battery Life Approximately 24 hours of continuous use at 1 reading per second2
Minimum Headroom Integral: 185 mm (7.3”)
Gauge Dimensions (H x W x D) Integral:   168 x 73 x 37 mm (5.61 x 2.87 x 1.46”)
Separate: 141 x 73 x 37 mm (5.55 x 2.87 x 1.46”)
Gauge Weight (including batteries) Integral:  218 g (7.69 oz)
Separate: 161 g (5.68 oz)
Measurement Range 0 - 500µm (0 – 20 mils)
Probe Tip Tungsten carbide tip 60° angle; Tip radius: 50µm (2 mil)
Operating Temperature -10 to 50°C (14 to 122°F);
Storage temperature: -10 to 60°C (14 to 140°F)
Accuracy & Resolution Accuracy: ±5% or ±5µm (±0.2 mil);
Resolution: 1µm (0.1 mil)
Packing List Elcometer 224 gauge, glass zero tile, 2x calibration foils, wrist harness, plastic transit case (T), protective case, screen protector, probe protection cap, 2 x AA batteries, test certificate, operating instructions, USB cable (T) & ElcoMaster® software (T)

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