TREK - Concentric Ring Surface and Volume Resistance Probe

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TREK - Concentric Ring Surface and Volume Resistance Probe Electrical & Electronic Meter

TREK - Concentric Ring Surface and Volume Resistance Probe 

Brand: Trek
Model: 152P-CP-1-CE

Product Descriptions:

The Trek Model 152P-CR-1 Concentric Ring Probe is capable of measuring surface and volume resistance in materials as per IEC or ESDA standards. A three (3) positions switch on the probe selects surface resistance or volume resistance measurements with either a guarded or unguarded outer electrode.
An optional Test Plate Set [CN 17530] consists of two separate plates. A stainless steel conductive plate can act as a second electrode to apply the test voltage to the sample under test and also provides a mini-banana plug connection for a secure ground connection. An insulative plate us utilized as needed. The use of these plates are described in the ESD STM11.12 and in IEC61340-2-3 standards.
The Trek model 152-1 Resistance Meter used with the 152P-CR-1 system, is designed to precisely measure surface resistance on a wide variety of conductive, dissipative, and insulative materials.
The Model 152-1 Resistance Meter employs a measurement technique which conforms to ANSI/ESD Association standards for measuring surface resistance, resistivity and volume resistance and features exceptional measurement accuracy and wide measurement ranges of 103 to 1013 ohms using either a point-to-point probe or the two-point probe. Measured resistance values are clearly displayed on a high-contrast LCD displays Various probes are available and accessory options include a Walking Test Adapter which allows analysis of resistance levels on the human body [STM 97.1].

Product Specifications:

Measurement Range 103 to 1013 ohms
Probe Electrode Test Voltage User selectable for 10V or 100V, ±2%
Test Current Limit Limited to less than 13 mA in the 10V range and less than 1.7mA in the 100V range.
Model 152P-CR-1 Surface/Volume Resistance Probe A three (3) position switch on the probe selects performance options
Optional Test Place Set These plates provide additional ESD STM standard options for guarded and unguarded resitance and volume measurements
Optional Probe Calibration Fixture Provides measurement accuracy verification of resistance/resistivity probes.

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