RANKCONN - Electric Press Cut Machine ECM-10

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RANKCONN - Electric Press Cut Machine ECM-10
Brand : Rankconn Instruments
Model : ECM-10

Product Description

ECM-10 electric press cut machine is a pure electric punching machine carefully developed by our factory. This machine is used by rubber and plastic factories and scientific research units to punch and cut standard rubber test pieces before tensile test. For similar materials, this machine can also be punched and cut.
The machine is purely electric control (no hydraulic oil required), the precision screw drives the pressure plate beam up and down, and only the upper and lower button switches can be manipulated to complete the punching action. Compared with the first generation of products, it has the advantages of higher fuselage strength, more convenient operation, greater punching force and longer service life.

Technical Specification

1. Stroke range: 70mmMax
2, punching force: greater than 20kN (2 tons).
3. Table size (effective): 220mm×200mm
4. Dimensions: 300mm×400mm×500mm
5. Power supply voltage: 220V 50Hz
6. Weight: 55kg

Operation method
1. Put a knife mold pad on the base platform (thick cardboard or an abandoned thick book can also be used);
2. Place the specimen blank on the surface of the pad;
3. Place the cutter on the specimen on the table, make the cutting blade plane parallel to the base platform, and visually align the beam of the machine;
3. Press and hold the green button switch, the pressure plate beam moves downwards, the beam is in contact with the cutter, and the green button is activated until the standard specimen is completed. Press the red button on and off, move the table upwards to return to position (do not move the beam to the upper limit position), and then the cut specimen can be removed.
Precautions and maintenance

1. The cutting cutting blade plane should be parallel to the table plane, and the cutting-edge surface should not be in contact with the table plane when punching and cutting, so as not to damage the cutting knife blade.
2. After the punching cutting knife is used, it should be coated with anti-rust oil to prevent rust.
3. The pad plate under the specimen is not easy to select a strong plastic plate.
4. When the beam is returned, please do not move the beam to the upper limit position.
5. After use, apply dust cover to prevent oil and dust from infiltrating.

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