BIUGED - Closed Paint Mixer/Shaker BGD (763/764)

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BIUGED - Closed Paint Mixer/Shaker BGD (763/764) Color & Paint Coating Measurement

BIUGED - Closed Paint Mixer/Shaker

Brand: Biuged
Model: BGD 763/1, 763/2, 764/1, 764/2

Product Introduction:
These Closed Paint Mixers and shakers, suitable size continers having sample which is needed to be dispersed or milled are put into, then use the special clamping device to fix containers, set required working time. With high-speed rotating and shaking, sample can be dispersed efficiently and fast. Compared with BGD 760 , these machines have many characteristics of easy and convinent to operate, high-efficiency, no VOC leakage, no pollution etc advantages.
 According working principle, these machines can be divided into two types: shaking type and rotating type. For shaking type, the container is shaked up and down, back and forth with high-speed. For rotating type,  the container is rotated at revolution and rotation at the same time.    
Manual Type
 Clamp the container by manual, can select clamping power freely, suitable for any size and type container.
 Safety interlock---the machine will stop immediately when open its door,prevents the cabinet door from being opened while the machine is running
 The supporting table for container can be pulled-out, rotated and fixed, save time and power for operator.
Automatic Type
 Run self-checking program automatically before operation till all parameters are accordace with requirements then begin to work. In case of any abnormality, the machine will alarm by buzzer and indicate need to be set.
 Digital display will show the working status and run time, so that the operators can know the machine working status..
 With PLC microcomputer control---Detect and response automatically, adjust height to clamp container.
 Automatic fix or loosen container and offer the suitable working speed.
 Automatically check container size and according it to adjust suitable clamping power and rotating speed.
 Multi-grade intelligent timing inverter, adequate speed control ensures stable operation

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Parameters ↓
BGD 763/1 BGD 763/2 BGD 764/1 BGD 764/2
Working Method Shaking Shaking Rotating Rotating
Clamping Container Method Manual Automatic Manual Automatic
Suitable Container Capacity 0.5L-20L
Suitable Container Height 100mm-380mm 70mm-390mm  
Shaking Frequency 680710 times/min ----
Rotating Speed ---- Revolution130r/min
Motor Power 0.75 KW
Power Supply 110V or 220v, +-10% adjustable, 50/60HZ
Net Weight/Gross Weight 195 KG/240KG 210 KG/245KG 200 KG/240KG 187 KG/228KG
Overall SizeH×W×D 1040×820×710 1040×820×710 1020×820×710 1020×820×710
Optional Accessories BGD 1900—Special Wood clampSudokus. Can shake serval different samples simultaneouslyit’s designed according to customer’s container size. 
         NoteIf shake serval different samplessmall amount at the same time,  a special wood clampSudokusdesigned according to customer’s container size should be ordered separately

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