Digital Radius Gauge DR5-700

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Digital Radius Gauge DR5-700 Dimensional Measurement Digital Radius Gauge DR5-700 Dimensional Measurement

Digital Radius Gauge
Brand: Rankconn Instruments
Model: DR5-700

Product Definition:
Digital Radius Gauge are design to measure radius of internal and external arcs. Actual reading of radius of circular arc at any size. Portable size and easy to operate with fast measurement result. Widely used in any circular arc measurement Supplied with 5 jaws for different sizes of arc. Claws in wide range of measurement span available for different circular arc radius and measurement precision requirement resolution: 0.01mm/.0005''.

Technical Specification:
Measurement Range : 0-13mm (depth displacement)
Resolution : 0.005mm
Measurement Radius Range : 5-700mm
Displacement Measurement error : ∆S≤0.02mm
Radius Measurement Error : ∆R≤0.01R
Power : 3V Lithium Battery (CR2032)

Digital accuracy radius gauge: Can both measure Outer & Inner Radius of arcs & Depth and Step measurement. With Digital dial indicator function, Measuring Range: length displacement 0-13mm (0 ~ 0.5 inch); Resolution: 0.005mm (0.00005 inch); Radius Range: 5-700mm (0.2 ~ 27.5 inch)
Large High-Definition Display: the readings are clear at a glance, shown Inner and outer diameter, measuring jaws, Radius R value, Metric and Imperial Units, length, Arc chord height. With data connection port can be connected to the computer to output data, more convenient and quicker.
Inch/Metric Conversion: Switchable between mm and inch, Suitable for All Kinds of Measurement, with simple operation, fast reading, small size, convenient reading, hand-held Measurement characteristics.
Comes in nicely fitted case and 5 Interchangeable Measuring Jaws: 10mm/ 20mm/ 30mm/ 60mm/ 100mm. You can choose corresponding jaws according to your measuring needs.

Radius Measurement Range:

Jaws Length (mm) Outer Diameter Measuring Range (mm) Inner Diameter Measurement Range (mm)
10 5~ >13 6.5~ >15
20 11~ >30 14~ >30
30 22~ >100 27~ >100
60 94~ >260 94~ >260
100 255~ >700 255~ >700

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