PCE - Lux Meter (PCE-LMD 5)

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PCE - Lux Meter (PCE-LMD 5) Electrical & Electronic Meter

PCE - Lux Meter (PCE-LMD 5) 

Brand: PCE Instruments
Model: PCE-LMD 5

Product Descriptions:

The lux meter has a large measuring range of 0 … 400 lux. The illuminance is measured using an external silicon photodiode with a spectral filter. This means that the light meter can be positioned appropriately for every measuring task. The measured values ​​can be displayed by the light meter in lux and in footcandles. In addition to the normal measured value display on the light meter, the measured value is also displayed on a scale.
The lux meter has additional functions so that an analysis of the illuminance can be carried out. With the additional functions of the light meter, the largest and smallest measured value can be output using the ''MIN'' and ''MAX'' buttons. In addition, the displayed measured value can be set in relation to a reference using the ''REL'' button. With the ''PEAK'' function, the light meter records peak values. The light meter has a sampling rate of 10 µs.
The lux meter also has a data memory of 32,000 measured values. The measured values ​​from the light meter can be read out and analyzed on the PC after a measurement. A live measurement on the PC with the light meter is also possible. The data from the light meter can be exported in CSV format for further processing.
The built-in 3.7V Li-Ion battery can be recharged from the lux meter via a 5V DC connection via the micro-USB interface. Due to its measuring range and its various functions, the light meter is used to control the lighting in greenhouses, at the workplace in production workshops or in photo studios, for example. The light meter is equipped with an ISO calibration certificate

Technical Specifications:

What's Included:
  • 1 x Lux Meter PCE-LMD 5-ICA
  • 1 x USB Cable
  • 1 x Service bag
  • 1 x Instruction manual
  • 1 x ISO Calibration Certificate

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