KANETEC - Tesla Meter / Gauss Meter TM-901EXP

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KANETEC - Tesla Meter / Gauss Meter TM-901EXP Magnetic Testing

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KANETEC - Tesla Meter /  Gauss Meter (TM-901 EXP)
Model: TM-901 EXP

Product Descriptions:

The TESLA meter is a practical, handy type Gaussmeter having digital display that has been developed based on KANETEC's long experience and achievements in the manufacture of magnetism-applied products.
From the user's point of view, this meter is designed for easy use by anyone by incorporating frequently used functions only.
The external output terminal is also provided to enable digital or analog outputs. Further, the probe has been made smaller for measurement in smaller space.

Product Features:
  • Measurement range is 0-3000.0 mT [0-3000G] (DC)
  • ''REAL'' and ''PEAK HOLD'' values of magnetic flux density are displayed at the same time.
  • The new monitor comes with a light it can be turned ON and OFF manually.
  • USB cable connection port for digital output is Type C.
  • ''Detection Mode'': The magnetic flux density measurements range can be set by user. And it has a buzzing sound when in range.
  • * Buzzing sound is for DC only. AC is not supported.
  • TM-901PRB and TM-901AXL can be used with conventional models such as TM-501, TM-601, TM-701, TM-801.

  • Residual magnetic measurement of machined workpieces, demagenetized things and press-formed products.
  • Magnetic flux density control of sanitary magnets.
  • Measurement of the characteristics or magnetic materials.
  • Confirmation of magnetization level of magnetic materials.
  • Magnetic flux density measurement of magnetic tools.
  • Inspection and development of AC magnetic applied products, etc.

Technical Specifications:

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