KASUGA - Coulomb Meter (NK-1001A/NK-1002A)

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KASUGA - Coulomb Meter (NK-1001A/NK-1002A) Electrical & Electronic Meter KASUGA - Coulomb Meter (NK-1001A/NK-1002A) Electrical & Electronic Meter

KASUGA - Coulomb Meter (NK-1001A/NK-1002A)

Model: NK-1001A / NK-1002A

Product Descriptions:

This Coulomb meter is a probe-type device that permits easy measurement of the amount electrostatic discharge which causes electrostatic damage to electronic devices in their manufacturing, inspection and assembly. The charged device model (CDM) explains many cases of ESD that damage electronic device. The CDM is a model of a phemomenon in which a high-peak current flows at a high speed when the device itself is charged and its external electrode is grounded. The Coulomb meter performs high-precision measurement of the amount of ESD, which is the integral value of the current. 

Product Features:

  • The amount of electrostatic discharge is easily measured by having the Coulomb meter contact the object of measurement (conductor)
  • Capable of measuring the amount of ESD on electronic devices or printed wiring boards surrounded by charged insulators, which is caused by induction charging.
  • The measurement method is based on the actual phenomenon of electrostatic destruction (CDM).
  • Since the unit contacts the object of measurement it is virtually free from errors caused by differences among measurers.
  • Permits switching between two modes: peak hold measurement and continuous measurement.
  • The optional conductive probe tip lets the unit be used safely for sensitive products.
  • The optional AC adapter enables long and continuous usage of the meter in evaluations, experiments, etc.
  • Use of the separately sold ZHO-200PN allows conversion of the device capacitance.
  • Use of the separately sold KQ-1400 makes the unit capable of measuring the amount of electrostatic charge (using the Faraday cage method).

Technical Specifications:

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