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RANKCONN - SERVO HORIZONTAL TENSILE TEST MACHINE Brand : RANKCONN Model : RC-102W Product description :  This machine is a newly designed and developed microcomputer tensile (compressive) force testing machine. The company completely changes the shortcomings of the traditional material testing machine, such as heavy machine, complex operation and single performance. The structure adopts the aluminum extrusion sealing plate treated by high- grade baking paint, with built-in high-precision, low resistance, no gap screw and guide column; The measurement and control system has high speed of data acquisition and calculation, and the test results can be displayed by LCD or printed by printer. The performance of the product is stable and reliable, the measurement accuracy is high, and the operation is simple and easy to understand.   Technical Parameters :  Capacity 50,100,200KG Monitor Touch screen display Accuracy Within±1% Force Resolution 1/100000 Effective force measuring range 1~100%F.S Deformation indication accuracy Within±1% Test speed 50~500mm/min Max stroke 500mm Test width φ120mm Power unit switch kgf,gf ,N,kN,lbf Stress unit switching MPa,kPa,kgf/cm2,lbf/in2 Deformation unit switching mm,cm,in Power Supply AC220V, 50 / 60Hz, 10a or specified read more
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TECPEL - Type K Thermocouple Thermometer (DTM (315))
TECPEL - Handheld Thermometer (DTM 322)
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RANKCONN - Oil Liquid High Precision Type Density Tester / Balances

RANKCONN - Oil Liquid High Precision Type Density Tester / Balances

True Solution Density Tester / Balances Brand: Rankconn Instruments Model: JHY-120G / JHY-300G   Product Definition: Compared with the traditional Wechsler balance method and pycnometer method, JHY series liquid density tester adopts the combination of Archimedes principle and modern electronic technology, which is one of the methods of international general liquid density measurement, which is extremely convenient to operate compared with the traditional Wechsler balance method and pycnometer method, and is not affected by thermal expansion and contraction, difficult cleaning, large scale marking error, narrow measurement range, cumbersome operation, and other factors, with the characteristics of simple measurement, accurate measurement, stability and reliability.   Application Industries: Fine chemicals, chemical solutions, modern energy, petroleum fuels, chemical reagents, paints and coatings, asphalt, inks, resins, chemical oils, edible oils, beverages, dairy chemical engineering research laboratories.   Standard Principle: According to GB/T13531, T5526, T5009, ASTM, JIS, ISO specifications. Conduct with Archimedes’ principle, physical law of buoyancy to quickly reads the relative density and concentration values of liquids.     Features: Any liquid can be measured instantaneously without restrictions. High measurement accuracy, easy operation, stable and durable. The measuring cup is easy to clean, not limited by the small diameter of the pycnometer and can be reused; Can be used with other measuring cups. ONLY 20CC, OR LESS SAMPLE, CAN QUICKLY READ THE RELATIVE DENSITY AND CONCENTRATION VALUES OF LIQUIDS. It can cooperate with constant temperature sink operation to measure the specific gravity of liquid at the required temperature. Volatile liquids, corrosive liquids, viscous liquids, strong acids and alkaline liquids can be measured quickly (optional weight accessories). The concentration value of the solution can be directly displayed by the specific gravity value of the measured solution Equipped with a special wind and dust cover, easy to combine, strong and durable   Technical  Specification:   Model JHY-120G JHY–300G Measurable range: 0.001g 〜 120g 0.01g~300g Test Type:      Additives, true solutions Test time:    About 3 seconds Density range: 0.0001~2.2000 0.001~2.200 Density accuracy: 0.001/0.0001 g/cm3 0.001 g/cm3 Concentration accuracy: 0.1%~100.0% Standard Interface: RS-232   Standard Accessories: (1) Main body, (2) Measuring container placement plate, (3) JHY-20F standard liquid measurement assembly, (4) Tweezers, (5) Straw, (6) 100G weight,  (7) Wind and dust cover, (8) Measuring bracket, (9) Power transformer.   ※The JHY-20F standard liquid measuring kit: including of : 2 stainless steel hooks, 2 standard glass weights, 1 standard stainless steel weight, 2 measuring cups.   Optional accessories: JHY-40 printer, JHY-20B anti-corrosion liquid measurement kit   Measurement procedure: (1) Place the measuring cup containing the sample on the measuring plate, and deduct the weight of the hook. (2) The standard weight is suspended with a hook and completely submerged in the liquid to be measured to display the density value.   read more
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AMPROBE - Infrared Thermometer IR-450
TECPEL - TPK-06 Roller Thermocouple probe Type K
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INSIZE  - Digital Inside Caliper 1120-500

INSIZE - Digital Inside Caliper 1120-500

INSIZE  - Digital Inside Caliper 1120-500 Brand : Insize - China Model : 1120-500 Product Description 1120-500 INSIZE Digital Inside Groove Caliper: 1.57-20″/40-500mm The INSIZE 1120-500 Digital Inside Groove Caliper has the following specifications: Range: 1.57-20″/40-500mm Accuracy: ±0.07mm Type: A L: 680mm A: 5mm C: 24mm Technical Specification read more
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KANOMAX - Anemomaster Anemometer 6006

KANOMAX - Anemomaster Anemometer 6006

KANOMAX - Anemomaster Anemometer 6006 Brand : Kanomax Model : 6006 Product Description Hot-wire Anemometer…best value on the market today Palm size and feather weight is standard on this must have quick check instrument Product Features -Single button multi-function toggle switch for easy one-hand operation -Read temperature and hold reading so the technician can easily record on their worksheet -Broad measurement range -Temperature compensation circuit for high accuracy -Display readings in both metric and imperial units -Compact and lightweight -Averages measurements over one or five seconds for air velocity Technical Specification Measurement Specifications Air Velocity Range 2 to 6,000 fpm (0.01 to 30.48m/s) Accuracy +/- 5% of READING or +/- 0.015 m/s whichever is greater Resolution 0.01 m/s (@ 0.01 to 9.99 m/s) 0.1 m/sec (@10.0 to 20.0 m/s) Response Time Less than 1second at 196 fpm (1m/sec), 90% response Temperature Range +/-2°F (1°C) Accuracy +/- 1°F (+/- 0.5 °C) Resolution 0.2 F (0.1 C) Response Time Less than 30 seconds at 196 fpm (1 m/sec), 90% response General Specifications Power Supply 4 x AA batteries Operaing Environment Main unit 41 to 104°F (5 to 40°C) Probe -4 to 158°F (-20 to 70°C) Storage Environment 14 to 122°F (-10 to 50°C) Dimensions Main unit 2.4″(60mm) x 4.7″(120mm) x 1.2″(30mm) Probe: 0.24″ or 0.40″(6 or 10mm) diameter x 7.9″(200mm) length. Probe cable: 0.13″(3.3mm) diameter x 59″(1,500mm) length. Weight 0.4 lbs (180 g) Warranty 2 year What's Included Operation Manual, AA Batteries, Extension Rod, Carrying Case, NIST Certificate read more
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SMART SENSOR –  Digital Vibration Meter

SMART SENSOR – Digital Vibration Meter

SMART SENSOR –  Digital Vibration Meter Brand: Smart Sensor Model: AS63A   FUNCTIONS: Used for measuring periodic motion, to check the imbalance and deflecting of moving machinery, specifically designed for present measuring various mechanical vibration. So as to provide the data for the quality control, run time and equipment upkeep.   FEATURES: Vibration meter (also called vibration severity) uses Piezoelectric Acceleration Transducer transfer the vibration signal in to electrical signal, analyse the input signals, and show the Acceleration, speed, shift of the vibration. It is widely used in the lines of Power, petrochemical, machinery manufacturing, metallurgy, vehicles, etc. TECHNICAL SPECIFICATION:  Measuring Principle Piezoelectric Ceramic Accelerometer (shear-type)  Acceleration Range 0.1~199.9m/s2  Velocity Range 0.1~199.9m/s   Displacement Range 0.001~1.999mm  Acceleration Frequency  Range 10Hz~1KHz (LO) 1KHz~15KHz (HI)  Velocity Frequency Range 10Hz~1KHz  Displacement Frequency  Range 10Hz~1KHz  Accuracy ±5%H ±2 digits  Signal Output AC output 2V peak ( Display full scale )  Max Hold Function -----  Temperature  Measurement -----   ℃/ read more
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AZ - 4 Channel K Thermocouple SD Card Logger (88598 AZ EB)

AZ - 4 Channel K Thermocouple SD Card Logger (88598 AZ EB)

AZ - 4 Channel K Thermocouple SD Card Logger Brand: AZ Model: 88598 AZ EB   Features: * Super big LCD portable / wall-mount SD card logger * 4 channel k type thermocouple to use at once * Unlimited manual memories and unlimited auto-logging memories in SD card * Hold function, Max/Min, offset, Low battery indicator * Beeper and LED alarm are both available * One button press to display T1-T2 * Programmable temperature High/Low alarm limit * Over-range indication with error messages * Blue backlight function works in dark area * 20 mins auto power off to save power   Application: The 88598 AZ K type Temperature Recorder can measure and monitor the temperature from 4 different origins, and user could attach their own K thermocouple probes to the logger. The temperature value would be saved as the TXT format into the SD card, and then user could proceed with their following analysis by the Excel or other software.   The 88598 AZ Multiple Channels Thermo Data Logger has a super big LCD, which could be met with the temperature monitor and recording purpose for the Construction, Logistic related business and other Industry. The SD card could be inserted and taken off easily. You would not need to install any special software to read the temperature records. It could be operated easily in different PC operation systems.   Specification: Model 88598 K Temperature Range -200~1370℃, -328~2498 read more
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