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(PT-L01A-DC / PT-L01A-AC / PT-L01A-UV) Portable LED Stroboscope (AC or DC) - Printing Machine

(PT-L01A-DC / PT-L01A-AC / PT-L01A-UV) Portable LED Stroboscope (AC or DC) - Printing Machine

(PT-L01A-DC / PT-L01A-AC / PT-L01A-UV) Portable LED Stroboscope (AC or DC)  For Printing Machine Model: PT-L01A-DC              PT-L01A-AC              PT-L01A-UV Product Descriptions: PT-L01A-DC LED Stroboscope is the domestic and foreign advanced technology research and development of a new generation of strobe, adopt efficient energy control chip energy output, makes the energy output is more stable, high-brightness and low calorific value. High performance single chip microcomputer processing unit, special display chip drive digital tube display, high frequency accuracy; Adopt the import rotary encoder fast frequency modulation, the built-in high performance lithium battery, the quality is lighter; It does not need AC220V ac power supply, dissolves the trouble caused by the power cord to the operation, can carry on any carry on the observation, use more convenient. A sufficient charge can meet the requirement of single shift production, and the continuous working time is about 4 hours (the specific time is related to the frequency of flash). Product Features: Multiple trigger modes: internal trigger and external trigger mode can realize the effect of automatic tracking The automatic tracking function of the pattern can be realized when the working mode is triggered externally (using the photoelectric signal) Built-in memory, with flash frequency and internal parameter automatic memory function, to facilitate the next use Adopt the import encoder, cooperate with the simple operation software, the knob adjustment is more rapid, accurate, practical, easy to use and handy The software has the function of frequency flashing phase angle adjustment The frequency unit Hz and f/m can be selected for different use occasion Adopted imported high-power LED, built-in-high-performance power module to improve the flash brightness and work reliability Latest products, stable performance, long use time, very few faults The software has two tracking programs, which can automatically track the printed surface of the unfixed color mark New power design, lithium battery power supply, more durable High luminous efficiency and even more uniform lighting Technical Specifications: Model PT-L01A-DC / PT-L01A-AC / PT-L01A-UV Accuracy ±0.01% Flash Rate 1 - 600 Hz, 50 - 36000 FPM Lithium Battery DC 12.6V 2900 mAh Charger AC 100V ~ 240V / DC 12.6V 1A Net Weight 1.35 kg Life Time ≤ 30000 hours (3 ~ 5 years) Battery Life ≤ 15 hours Lamp 9 pcs Dimension 220mm (L) x 120mm (W) x 150mm (H) Shell Material Alluminium Alloy + ABS read more
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RANKCONN - Manual Powder Press Moulding Machine

RANKCONN - Manual Powder Press Moulding Machine

RANKCONN - Manual Powder Press Moulding Machine Brand: Rankconn Product Specifications: read more
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TIME 2605 - Coating Thickness Gauge
LS220H - Dry Film Thickness Gauge
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RANKCONN - SD Series Ultrasonic Cleaner

RANKCONN - SD Series Ultrasonic Cleaner

RANKCONN - Ultrasonic Cleaner Brand: Rankconn Instruments Model: 009SD, 010SD, 020SD, 030SD, 031SD, 040SD, 060SD, 080SD, 100SD Product introduction: Ultrasonic cleaner bath is an equipment that works through high-frequency sound waves transmitted through liquid to scrub clean the surface of immersed parts. The high-frequency sound waves, typically 40 kHz, agitate the liquid solution of water or solvent, and cause the cavitation of solution molecules.   Application: Standard ultrasonic cleaners adopt high-quality stainless-steel plate with strong corrosion resistance and long lifespan, transducers with advance ed connection sticking technology, high electroacoustic conversion efficiency and strong ultrasonic output, also equipped with automatic constant temperature heating device. Temperature range: RT ~80℃.   Suit for varies industries and objects cleaning, such as precision electronic parts, eyeglasses & clock parts, optical glass parts, hardware, jewelry, semiconductor silicon wafer, printer inkjet, medical instruments and electroplate parts etc. Specification: Model Capacity Frequency Ultrasonic Power (W) Heating Power (W) Tank Size (LxWxH mm) Unit Size (LxWxH mm) Temp. (℃) Timer (Min) 009SD 1.3 40 30/60 150 150x135x65 175x165x160 05-90 0-30 010SD 2 40 30/60 150 150x135x100 175x165x190 05-90 0-30 020SD 3.2 40 60/120 150 240x135x100 265x165x225 05-90 0-30 030SD 4.5 40 90/180 300 300x150x100 325x175x230 05-90 0-30 031SD 6.5 40 90/180 300 300x150x150 325x175x270 05-90 0-30 040SD 10 40 120/240 450 300x240x150 325x265x275 05-90 0-30 060SD 15 40 180/360 450 330x300x150 355x325x275 05-90 0-30 080SD 22 40 240/480 600 500x300x150 530x330x280 05-90 0-30 100SD 30 40 300/600 600 500x300x200 530x330x330 05-90 0-30 What is Degassing for Ultrasonic Cleaner ? When you fill your tank with fresh cleaning solution, that liquid has a lot of air trapped in it. So as long as it’s in there, you’ll be using ultrasonic energy to drive it out – instead of cleaning your parts. The solution is to de-gas your tank, by running the ultrasonics and heat for 3-8 minutes before you put your parts in. The time needed will vary depending on your tank size and power level. Simply fill your tank with hot water, or run the heat to get it up to cleaning temperature. Then turn on the sonics just as you would for cleaning. read more
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PN-03C/PN-03E Portable Rechargeable Digital Xenon Stroboscope
PN-01C/PN-01D Digital Xenon Stroboscope (AC Powered) - Printing Industry Line
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PCE - Vibration Meter (PCE-VT 3700)
PCE - Vibration Analyzer (PCE-VT 1100 Series)
PCE - Hardness Tester (PCE-2900)
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AZOVTEST -  AE6601 Digital Water PH/ORP Meter

AZOVTEST - AE6601 Digital Water PH/ORP Meter

AZOVTEST -  AE6601 Digital Water PH/ORP Meter Brand: AZOVTEST Model: AE 6601     Product Introduction: The AE6601 is a high-precision portable PH&ORP detector that measures the oxygen concentration and temperature in water.   Features: 0.0~14.00ph large range, high precision probe accuracy ±0.02ph. Manually record 99 pieces of data, and shut down after one hour of inactivity. Automatic temperature compensation measurement in high altitude area, widely used in pH meter measurement in aquaculture, sewage treatment, industrial production, experimental scientific research and many other fields.     Specification:   Model AE6601 PH Measurement Range 0.00~14.00 pH PH Resolution 0.01 pH PH Accuracy ±0.02 pH ORP Measurement Range -1999 to +1999 mV ORP Resolution 0.1mV (-199.9to+199.9mV),  1mV (other ranges) ORP Accuracy ±0.2mV(-199.9to+199.9mV),  ±2mV(other ranges) Temperature Measurement Range -5.0~65.0℃ Temperature Resolution 0.1℃ Temperature Accuracy ±0.5℃ PH Calibration 4.00/6.86/9.18pH three-point calibration Automatic Temperature Compensation (ATC) Yes (for PH measurement only) Memory record Up to 99records Auto power off After one hour of inactivity LCD size 38*54mm Backlight Yes Probe cable length About 1.15meters (with probe) Power supply AAA*4pcs Product dimension 70*30*169mm Standard Accessories   Meter, PH probe, Temp. probe, pH Buffer*3, Manual, Certificate of Quality, AAA battery *4, Suitcase, (optional ORP probe)     read more
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