LEEB 每 Coating Thickness Gauges Leeb 210, 211, 220, 221, 222

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LEEB 每 Coating Thickness Gauges Leeb 210, 211, 220, 221, 222 Color & Paint Coating Measurement

LEEB – Coating Thickness Gauges
Brand: LEEB
Model: Leeb 210, 211, 220, 221, 222

Functions & Features:
High quality metal probes
Two measuring methods:continuous and single
Two working mode: direct and batch
Limit setting function
Switch off automatically or manually

Measuring Materials:
Magnetic Induction (Fe): Measuring the thickness of Non-magnetic coating on magnetic metal substrate, such as aluminum, chromium, copper, zinc, rubber, paint on the base of steel, iron, alloy and magnetic steel .
Eddy Current (NFe): Measuring the thickness of Non-conductive coating on non-magnetic metal substrate, such as rubber, plastic, paint, oxide on the base of aluminum, copper, zinc, tin.

Technical Specification:
Model Leeb210 Leeb211 Leeb220 Leeb221 Leeb222
Measuring principle Fe NFe Fe NFe Fe & NFe
Measuring Range 0~1250μm
Probe Settled Changeable
Shell Plastic
Accuracy ±[(1~3%)H+1] μm
H refers to the thickness of testing piece
Minimum resolution (µm) 0.1μm
Min curvature of the min area (mm) Convex1.5 Concave9
Diameter of the min area (mm) Φ7
Critical thickness of substrate (mm) 0.5
Memory 200 groups measured data
Dimensions 115×70×30mm
Power supply AAA Alkaline battery
Standard Configuration Main Machine,5 calibration specimens (48.5m,99.8m,249m,513m
1024m),1 probe & substrate ( 2 probes & substrates for Leeb222)
Optional Accessories Probes, Specimens.

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