MARUI KEIKI 每 Bevel Protractor

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MARUI KEIKI 每 Bevel Protractor Levelling Angle Gauges

MARUI KEIKI – Bevel Protractor
Brand: Marui Keiki
Model: BP-301
This is a high reliable general purpose type precision protractor used widely in many countries in the world. This popular protractor has been favoured by many users because of their superior sense.

  • The main scale and vernier scale are flat to avoid the reading error due to the step gap.
  • Fine adjustment can be made by using the fine adjustment knob.
  • Scale part is satin-chrome plated for easy reading with less reflection.
  • Main parts are made of hardened stainless steel superior in rust-resistance and durability.
  • Instrument error: ±5’

Measurement range : -360° (0-90° x 4)
Minimum reading : 5’
Instrument error : ±5’
Body material : Hardened stainless steel (SUS420J2)
Main unit weight : 180g approx.
Accessories : 150mm and 300mm blades, acute angle attachment

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