LINSHANG - Transmission Meter (LS163)

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LINSHANG - Transmission Meter (LS163) Electrical & Electronic Meter

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LINSHANG - Transmission Meter (LS163)

Brand: Linshang Technology
Model: LS163

Product Descriptions:

LS163 window film transmission meter is an instrument for measuring the optical properties of uniform and transparent materials such as solar film, glass with film, heat-insulating glass and automobile side windshield glass. We can select the measurement interface to display the infrared and ultraviolet rejection and transmittance.

Product Features:

  1. Easy to operate, fast measurement speed and instant display
    - The solar film transmission meter has simple operation and fast measurement speed. The three test results will be displayed on the interface immediately after putting the materials into the testslot. 
  2. Parallel light path, side windshield can be tested
    - The LS163 transmission meter boasts parallel light path design, with a test slot wide 6mm, the instrument can also test car side windshield
  3. Humanized design, Rotating display interface
    - The display interface can rotate in 4 directions adaptively convenient for reading data when testing at different angles
  4. Real-time automatic calibration function
    - The LS163 solar film transmission meter has real time dynamic calibration function, the meter will conduct self-calibration after turning on
  5. Three display interfaces available
    - We can set the display interface as rejection rate, transmittance or light transmission.
  6. Lock testing datas by pressing ''Hold'' button
    The window tint detector has data lock function. Press the hold button after testing, the data will remain on the interface after taking away the tested materials.
  7. Compact and portable
    The window film transmission meter has small size with anti-slip design convenient for holding or carrying out

Technical Specifications:

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